Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla

Pretty old but so good… And full of emotions.


Nick Leng – Leaves

I wonder how many elder people would answer to my question, have your life been worth living, in a positive way… Is it even possible to fully enjoy your life? Is it possible to break free and be happy? Or is being sad and depressive built into human nature?

Télépopmusik – Breathe (Extended Jazz Version)

Epic night chiller. I adore this song, this sample, these words, these piano notes, these… everything about it. I really could just replay this song til morning. JUST BREATHE!

Just to add:
Original version of this song –

My own video with Westin remix –

Drift video where I discovered the song, which is still one of my favorite videos because of the mood that this song generates –

Kirvy – foEvr’J

Best track to listen at six o’clock in the night when you have so awful anxiety that you just can’t fall to sleep. You are struggling with the baddest and most disgusting thoughts at all. Your biggest wish is to just fell asleep… fell asleep for a very long time without these thoughts. Wish to be happy! Happy in my dreams…